Butterscotch London is part of the Feed Your Soul family, specialising in heartfelt American food of the deep south. From Stax Diner in Soho dishing up juicy beef burgers and duffin sundaes (as featured on Adam Richman's Secret Eats); to nostalgic Boondocks Restaurant serving chicken and waffles and chocolate chip pancake brunch special; to fiery wings of The Famous Flames, Butterscotch London offers the best American treats you can find this side of the pond.

We started Butterscotch Bakery as an online ordering site only and have since expanded to our first cafe site in London’s newest media hub, White City Place. Offering a wide selection of authentic American styled five layered cakes, creamy cupcakes, gooey brownies, chewy cookies, heartfelt breakfasts, lovely lunches and so much more; we’re certain you’ll want to try everything on our mouth-watering Tea Room menu!

Butterscotch Tea Room will be TEMPORARY fixture so be sure to experience our divine delights before it disappears! 

                    Bea Vo, Manager and Creative Director.

                   Bea Vo, Manager and Creative Director.


Bea Vo is the managing and creative director of Stax Diner, Boondocks Restaurant, The Famous Flames, as well as Butterscotch Bakery.  A native of Virginia, Bea founded her first concept and namesake, Bea's of Bloomsbury, which garnered accolades for cakes and afternoon tea in 2008, and left in 2013 to start Stax Diner.  Bea wrote the Tea with Bea Cookbook in 2010.  Bea also co-founded Bloomsbury's UAE, in 2011. 

Bea is the inventor of the duffin and townie here in London, and hopes #duffingate doesn't end up on her tombstone.